Baby Hair Wash Crown
Baby Hair Wash Crown
Baby Hair Wash Crown
Baby Hair Wash Crown
Baby Hair Wash Crown

Baby Hair Wash Crown

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Make showering more comfortable and exciting for your little one’s with this baby bath visor crown cap!

This charming crown-like cap successfully shields your child’s eyes and ears from any water and suds during shower time. Allowing it to run backwards along the brim and keep it from flowing directly to your youngster’s face. Moreover, it's fun royal design will surely entice every kid to get into the bath quickly. You can even bond and play with them with their floaties and toys as you simultaneously wash them. Making shower session less of a crying and fussing feat, but an enjoyable one instead.      

The bath visor features a convenient safety buckle that can be smoothly adjusted to your toddler’s comfort fit. It can suit different head circumferences, including 6 month babies, toddlers, childrens, teens and even adults. This shower crown cap is ultra-light and it does not poke or cause any discomfort for your baby. What’s more? It can also work as a great sunshade cover, haircut assistant or as a fun hairpiece toy for every play time.   

Protect your little princesses and princes from the annoying soap suds using this baby bath visor crown cap!  


  • Baby Protection Cap 👑 
    A leak-proof visor that effectively shields your child’s eyes and ears from getting contact with shampoo and soap suds during bath. It stops the water and the mass of bubbles from flowing straight to their face and lets it run backwards along the brim. Preventing eye burns, clogged ears, infections and your little one’s from fussing and crying. No worries as this shower cap does not cause any obstruction so you can still foam and rinse your kid’s hair with ease.

  • Fun Crown Design 👑 
    This shower cap is designed in a lovely royal crown that will surely attract and be loved even by your finicky tot’s. Allowing them to feel like they're the ruler of the entire seas! You can even let them play with their toys and floaters while keeping them smelling nice and fresh. Making bath time an easy feat and a lot more enjoyable for both parents and kiddos. 

  • Adjustable Size 👑 
    The bath visor provides an adjustable buckle design which allows you to find the perfect fitting for your youngster’s. Ideal for 6 month babies, toddlers, childrens, teens and even for adults. This protective cap will not cause even a single movement around the head or even unfastened and fall off. Moreover, it is also lightweight and it’s buckle does not hit or poke the head to ensure great comfort and safety. Simply wrap it around your child’s head, adjust the strap, buckle it to secure and you're now ready for bath time.

  • Multi-Purpose Use 👑 
    This baby shower crown does not only work as a bathing cap, but it is also applicable for various things. Suitable as a sunshade cap cover, haircut assistant for home or salons and as a fun hairpiece toy for every play time. You can wear it while folded downwards or up like a crown, depending on your different needs.

  • Premium Material 👑 
    Made of high-quality PP and TPE silicone material with extreme elasticity and durability. It can withstand years of use and continuous showering without deforming or damaging. Additionally, this cap offers a thickened waterproof design which guarantees that not a single drop of liquid will leak. It is also soft and skin-friendly so it won’t cause any harm, discomfort or allergies to your precious baby.
  • Material: PP +TPE
  • Size: 5" x 6"
  • 1 x Baby Hair Wash Crown